Mission Statement

We empower individuals to take control of their health, with emphasis on prevention, by providing up-to-date information and support – from whole food nutrition to holistic healings.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates

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Wellness Plus Delaware

THE best of HOLISTIC MEDICINE PRACTITONERS in Wilmington, Delaware in 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024!

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About Wellness Plus

Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health, with emphasis on prevention, by providing up-to-date information and support – from whole food nutrition to holistic healings.

We believe in whole food. As Hippocrates stated, “food should be your medicine and the medicine should be food, and to be a medicine, first, it has to do no harm.”

Wellness Plus is 100% supported by member’s dues and by their purchases in our “Store of Mother Earth.” We have not, do not and will not accept any donations from drug or food manufacturers even though we operate on a not-for-profit basis. Therefore, you can trust the information we provide because we are a totally independent organization.

For individuals and families, we provide weekly classes, seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations. We also provide various holistic healings (see member’s benefit list) at discount prices. We have personal and group training programs in our center, as well as house call services. We also carry unusual and hard to find natural foods and supplies in our store.

For natural healing practitioners, we have referral services, free corporate health fair booths to promote your business, treatment room rent starting at $200/month for one day per week, matching funds for advertising and more. Ask about our “Partner in Health” program.

July’s Activities Schedule

  • Thursday, July 11, 18 and 25

At 6:30 pm: Exercise with Zoltan — Our fitness director Zoltan Hall returns for special exercise sessions combined with the levity that only he can provide!   Come prepared to exercise, laugh and learn about your muscles and bones.  Bring leg weights or a stretchy band.

At 7:30 pm:  Natural Healing Workshop — The focus will be pure healing essential oils that are safe, have a great aroma, versatile and may help with many symptoms and to ease aches and pains.  What are they?  How do I use them?  To find the answers and learn more about these wonderful natural remedies come and visit us at our workshops.

  • Monday, July 1 at 6:30 pm “Exercise and Member’s Forum”

Fitness director Zoltan Hall will be leading us through our exercises tonight, strength and stretch!  NEW! Bring leg weights!  Then, come to the Members’ Forum at 7:30 PM–Bring your requests, ideas & questions.  We will listen to you & work together to make the Wellness Plus program even better.  Everyone who comes will get 5% off our entire store.

  • Monday, July 8 at 6:30 “Heal Me In the Summer” (part 1)

Who can’t benefit from a stronger heart and a healthier mind? How about lowered blood pressure, perfect cholesterol, and great circulation leading to warm hands and feet and a joyful mood year-round? After all, to “Live Long and Die Short” then we must have a clear mind and vibrant heart. Want a short cut? Timing is everything!  Did you know according to the ancient Chinese book “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine,” if you work on those organs in summer time you will get double or triple returns than the same work done in other seasons? That is because the “Fire Element” links your heart/mind to summer season. Ready to get a good start? Come to learn how from Dr. Jane Feng Powley, native Chinese and our executive director of Wellness Plus Delaware for 27 years.

  • Monday, July 15 at 6:30 “Cooking with Chuck”

We will take two classic Standard American Diet (SAD) recipes that are loaded with meat, dairy and saturated fat and make vegan substitutions that will be just as tasty, more nutritious and even easier to make than the original versions.  Live demonstrations plus samples of the finished dishes will be provided.  Presented by Dr. Chuck Powley.

  • Monday, July 22 at 6:30 pm “Success with Weight Loss – What Helps, What Gets in the Way and How to Plan for it.”

As we all probably know, permanent weight loss is not easy, and most attempts are bound to fail.  Bring your questions and experiences!  We will look at the reasons why weight loss tends to be difficult and at approaches that can lead to more success.  Brigitte, a native of Germany, has graduated from Wellness Forum Health with a Health and Nutrition Educator Diploma.  She also has certificates from eCornell where she has completed T. Colin Campbell’s Nutrition program as well as from Dr. McDougall’s Starch Solution Program.  She has been working with people to resolve health issues since 2013.  Brigitte has taken several classes on weight loss and personally experimented with different approaches.  She has also led weight loss groups in the past.  With this workshop she will share what approaches have better chances at success.

  • Monday, July 29 at 6:30 pm “Getting and Staying Motivated to Move”

Let’s be honest – starting and maintaining a program of regular exercise is difficult for most people, except for the maybe the most enthusiastic gym-goers.  Regular exercise provides many benefits, not only to your physical health but also your lifestyle, energy level and overall well-being.  Our Director of Fitness Zoltan Hall will present top tips on how to stay motivated, including goal setting, rewarding yourself, working out with a friend and planning a schedule.

Delaware Bead Society

Bead store hours: 3-5 pm on Saturday, July 27 Many items will be for sale at 50% off.

Saturday, July 27 at 2:30 pm “ Two-Tone Wired Rhinestone Rings “

Free bag of beads for everyone who shows up! No purchase or class participation necessary!  Just coming to say “Hi” is enough.

Explore new special rhinestone beads available in stunning colors and finishes that offer you an exceptional choice for jewelry design!  Come to this class, let your designs ebb and flow like the tide with the unparalleled combination of easy wirework and glittering rhinestones to create these stunningly beautiful rings! The useful skills that you learn from this class will enable you to make many professional-looking rings without messy soldering.

$17 – class fee if paid in advance $27– class fee at door.

Kits can be purchased at $15 each if paid in advance and $25 each at the door.
To register: call: 302-478-3782 or e-mail:  cj.powley@verizon.net..
Directions- https://www.facebook.com/100063917499054/posts/723790149761562/

Reservation required for all events.  Call 302-478-3782 or email cj.powley@verizon.net.  All programs begin at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted.  Registration is required – $20 per person ($15 if paid in advance), members free.  We now accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Wellness Plus Center & Voice Mail: 302-478-7723
Mailing & brochure inquiries:  Judy (302) 656-0409
Membership, products and all other inquiries: Jane 302-478-3782

Check out our website:  http://www.wellnessplusintl.com, and follow us on Facebook: Wellness Plus Delaware.


Event Registration & Tickets

Use the form below to register for event or class and then make payment.

Green tea compounds block key enzyme that allows coronavirus to replicate

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science shows that chemical compounds in green tea and other plant-based foods can block the activity of a key enzyme in the replication of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.


Wondrous Benefits of Green Tea

Unlike most antiviral drugs, green tea appears to work by boosting the immune system to combat diseases such as genital warts (caused by HPV) and the flu (caused by the influenza virus).


Learn about Wellness Plus’ edible New Spring™ Green Tea

Start Your Day With Our Breakfast Shake!

The Wellness Plus breakfast recipe is the perfect choice for a nutrient-dense meal in the morning. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Enjoy this breakfast shake which will nourish and heal instead of just getting you to the next meal. If you cannot purchase any of the ingredients locally, contact us at 302-478-3782. To view recipe, click here.

The Wellness Plus Program covers topics such as:

Healthy food choices and shopping

Whole food and weight control

Easy sprouting and wheat grass growing

Keep your heart healthy naturally

Strengthening your immune system

How to select good supplements

Green tea and your health

Anxiety and depression – food & mood

Qigong, Taiji and meditation

Body fat testing

Successful aging

Feng Shui for your home and workplace


Living healthy in a chemical world

Osteoporosis and joint health

Calcium & alternatives to dairy

Environment and your health

Avoiding Alzheimer’s

Inflammation & degenerative diseases

Natural alternatives to hormone replacement

Keeping your digestive system healthy – naturally


Exercise Classes & Programs

  • Stretching
    Look and feel younger and move easier. Don’t let your muscles be an obstacle. Stretching helps refresh lymph and venous circulation. We will learn the benefit of each stretch to help us understand its importance.
  • Pilates
    Pilates is known for core (center of gravity muscles) strength and support training. Strengthen your body and gain better balance. Dr. Demond will explain the benefits of each position.
  • Yoga and Beyond
    Gentle stretches and meditation to relax your mind and body as well as stretch and expand your muscles!

For class schedules, use Calendar Tab under Events & Programs in menu above or click here.

Natural Healing Workshops

The focus is on pure healing essential oils that are safe, have a great aroma, versatile and may help with many symptoms and to ease aches and pains.  What are they?  How do I use them?  To find the answers and learn more about these wonderful natural remedies come and visit us at our workshops presented by Shirley Rineer. Click here for schedule.

Mother Earth Store

Our store features natural whole foods and supplements, as well as handmade jewelry and crafts. We specialize in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers. For more information, use tab in menu above or click here.

Wellness Plus Stories

Read stories of inspiration and success about people who through the use of the Wellness Plus health and wellness program have restored themselves to true health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Their stories include dramatic weight loss, decreases in cholesterol, reversal and/or elimination of degenerative diseases such as type II diabetes, heart problems, cancers and more. Frequently, users of the Wellness Plus program have been able to discontinue the use of all or some medications. Click on the “Testimonials” tab above.

Delaware Bead Society

The “Bead Society” is an affiliate of Wellness Plus Delaware specializing in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers. The Bead Society meets monthly on Saturday afternoons. These meetings include jewelry making classes and the option to purchase pre-made jewelry.

Jewelry making classes require preregistration. To register, call Shirley at 302-999-7687 or Jane at 302-478-3782.

For more information about the “Delaware Bead Society’s” monthly activities see details under MONTHLY ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE above. .


We specialize in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers