Mission Statement

We empower individuals to take control of their health, with emphasis on prevention, by providing up-to-date information and support – from whole food nutrition to holistic healings.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~Hippocrates

About Wellness Plus

Wellness Plus is a full spectrum Natural Living Community of natural healing professionals and individuals who are serious about all parts of an all-natural lifestyle. We are the only one of this kind on the East Coast. We provide a full education, support and holistic healings right in our beautiful 1300 sq ft center, as well as “lectures on the road” and health fairs for corporations, government agencies, civic groups and doctor’s offices. The year 2019 is our 23rd year promoting natural healing & health

Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their health, with emphasis on prevention, by providing up-to-date information and support – from whole food nutrition to holistic healings.

We believe in whole food. As Hippocrates stated, “food should be your medicine and the medicine should be food, and to be a medicine, first, it has to do no harm.”

Wellness Plus is 100% supported by member’s dues and by their purchases in our “Store of Mother Earth.” We have not, do not and will not accept any donations from drug or food manufacturers even though we operate on a not-for-profit basis. Therefore, you can trust the information we provide because we are a totally independent organization.

For individuals and families, we provide weekly classes, seminars, workshops and cooking demonstrations. We also provide various holistic healings (see member’s benefit list) at discount prices. We have personal and group training programs in our center, as well as house call services. We also carry unusual and hard to find natural foods and supplies in our store.

For natural healing practitioners, we have referral services, free corporate health fair booths to promote your business, treatment room rent starting at $200/month for one day per week, matching funds for advertising and more. Ask about our “Partner in Health” program.

Feature Presentations

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  • Free Event – Open to the Public – February 25 at 6:30 “Support Group MeetingLive Well”: If you are one of the many people who are thinking or already eating meatless meals — whether for reasons of health, the environment or concern about animals — we are here to support you. Please come and bring your questions and challenges, your ideas and stories to share. We guarantee you will feel more empowered and supported after spending an evening with like-minded people.  This is a free event and your friends and family are welcome to join us.  Please call or email us if you plan to attend.
  • Free Event – Monday, March 11 at 6:30 PM “The Miracle of Green Tea”. Wellness Plus Delaware has the freshest, purest and only edible green tea, which is as beautiful as green jade. All our special green tea has to be harvested between March 27 and April 15, to ensure the best quality. Dr. Jane Powley, native Chinese-born, goes to China every spring to personally monitor the tea harvest. Also, did you know that the first shipment of the year would be the best of the green tea? Before Dr. Jane Powley’s trip to China, we will be holding a free green tea educational event at our center.
  • Monday, March 18 at 6:30 PM “Nature-Deficit Disorder” Instructor – Dr. Bob Burg – For hundreds of thousands of years, in order to survive and even thrive, the human body adapted to the environments our species lived in – finding creative, even genetic, ways to use whatever conditions and resources the earth provided. Now in less than 100 years, homo sapiens has moved almost exclusively into man-made environments. And without us realizing it, this mass migration has had incredible impact on health and well-being. This class will explore research in recent decades that demonstrates how many of today’s mysterious syndromes (e.g. ADHD, fibromyalgia, rampant depression, etc.) may be directly caused by cordoning off ourselves from the natural world that has provided everything for us, directing human evolution for millennia.

Event Registration & Tickets

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What do you know about Dandelion Root Tea?

Learn About It

  • Monday, March 25 at 6:30 PM “Dangerous Dietary Myth” How “what everybody knows” about healthy eating can make us sick and how to tell it is a myth. Learn a bit about how our body really works as it interacts with the foods we eat. How important is it to eat foods that contain collagen for our joints? Do we need fat to utilize vitamins? The role of supplements and more. Brigitte Blanco is associated with Wellness Forum Health as a Health and Nutrition Educator. She also has a background of 22 years of Market Research for Pharmaceutical Companies and is using her expertise acquired during those years to help clients understand the real benefits and risks associated with medications regular physicians might prescribe. This information helps her clients in making informed decisions about taking medications versus changing their nutrition patterns to accomplish their health goals.
  • Wellness Plus & Delaware Bead Society March Special: My Wellness Reward
    • Please choose ONE of the following 3 options:
      1. One package of vegan soup (flavor will be different each week).
      2. $10 towards jewelry/beads purchase (no minimum purchase requirement)
      3. One free class admission for any Thursday night class
    • Redeemable on Thursday night classes in March (Mar. 14, 21 and 28). To qualify you must register for the classes IN ADVANCE (by calling (302) 478-3782 or email cj.powley@verizon.net) AND attend both the exercise class (although you can choose part or all of the workout according to your health condition) and Natural Healing class on the Thursday you have registered for.

The Wellness Plus Program covers topics such as:

Healthy food choices and shopping

Whole food and weight control

Easy sprouting and wheat grass growing

Keep your heart healthy naturally

Strengthening your immune system

How to select good supplements

Green tea and your health

Anxiety and depression – food & mood

Qigong, Taiji and meditation

Body fat testing

Successful aging

Feng Shui for your home and workplace


Living healthy in a chemical world

Osteoporosis and joint health

Calcium & alternatives to dairy

Environment and your health

Avoiding Alzheimer’s

Inflammation & degenerative diseases

Natural alternatives to hormone replacement

Keeping your digestive system healthy – naturally

Exercise Classes & Programs

  • Stretching
    Look and feel younger and move easier. Don’t let your muscles be an obstacle. Stretching helps refresh lymph and venous circulation. We will learn the benefit of each stretch to help us understand its importance.
  • Pilates
    Pilates is known for core (center of gravity muscles) strength and support training. Strengthen your body and gain better balance. Dr. Demond will explain the benefits of each position.
  • Yoga and Beyond
    Gentle stretches and meditation to relax your mind and body as well as stretch and expand your muscles!

For class schedules, use Calendar Tab under Events & Programs in menu above or click here.

Natural Healing Workshops

The focus is on pure healing essential oils that are safe, have a great aroma, versatile and may help with many symptoms and to ease aches and pains.  What are they?  How do I use them?  To find the answers and learn more about these wonderful natural remedies come and visit us at our workshops presented by Shirley Rineer. Click here for schedule.

Mother Earth Store

Our store features natural whole foods and supplements, as well as handmade jewelry and crafts. We specialize in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers. For more information, use tab in menu above or click here.

Wellness Plus Stories

Read stories of inspiration and success about people who through the use of the Wellness Plus health and wellness program have restored themselves to true health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Their stories include dramatic weight loss, decreases in cholesterol, reversal and/or elimination of degenerative diseases such as type II diabetes, heart problems, cancers and more. Frequently, users of the Wellness Plus program have been able to discontinue the use of all or some medications. Click on the “Testimonials” tab above.

Start your day with the Wellness Plus Delaware Breakfast Shake!

Our breakfast recipe is the perfect choice for a nutrient-dense meal in the morning. We encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. Enjoy this breakfast shake which will nourish and heal instead of just getting you to the next meal. If you cannot purchase any of the ingredients locally, contact us at 302-478-3782. To view recipe, click here.

Delaware Bead Society

The “Bead Society” is an affilate of Wellness Plus Delaware specializing in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers. The Bead Society meets monthly on Saturday afternoons. These meetings include jewelry making classes and the option to purchase pre-made jewelry.

Jewelry making classes require pre-registration. To register, call Shirley at 302-999-7687 or Jane at 302-478-3782.

For more information and details, click on the “Delaware Bead” Society tab above.

No Bead Society classes are scheduled for February or March.


We specialize in organic pearl jewelry and Feng Shui enhancers