New Spring™ Green Tea

Unlike other green tea, New Spring™ Green Tea is unique, because it is:

  1. Picked during the most recent spring season and shipped to the U. S. within 2 weeks – the freshest tea that you can obtain.
  2. Picked only from the top of the mountain – 1,000 meters and above, the most insect-free environment possible!
  3. Picked only from the area where there will never be any industry – across the ocean from Taiwan. Therefore, there is no pollution.
  4. Picked only from the very top leaves of each bush – young, tender, edible; the green color has just developed and the leaves are full of “young cells.”  Picked at just the right time.
  5. Hand processed in small batches, ensuring minimal broken leaves, minimal oxidation and maximum level of nutritional value.
  6. Processing temperature is reduced from 120°C to 48°C to reduce oxidation even more.
  7. Packed in double-sealed airtight special Chinese cans – beautifully decorated and a collectors item.

New Spring™ Green Tea is Edible

  • Chew it like chips!
  • Put it in your “Juice Plus+ Complete®” shake!
  • Cook with any meat.
  • Cook with any vegetable – it is a green leafy vegetable!
  • Cook with rice, grains, mix with hot and cold cereals.
  • Mix dry or soaked green tea into salads.
  • Put dry or soaked green tea on sandwiches or burgers.
  • Make any soup with green tea.
  • Bake cakes or muffins with green tea.
  • Make Juice Plus Lite or fruit shakes with green tea

Dear Wellness Plus Members and Friends:

Did you know that New Spring™ Green Tea is regularly tested for pesticide residues? For many years, I worked for the pesticides department at DuPont, and my responsibility was to develop analytical methods and conduct studies to measure pesticide levels in food. I just saw the most recent analysis of our green tea and was very impressed. Even though it was in Chinese, I got some help from one of my colleagues to translate the report. Chinese agriculture is very different from modern USA agriculture – the pesticides they use are considered out of date in our country because they are highly toxic and persist in the plant for a long time. Most of these compounds are not used at all in the USA, or are used very rarely. Examples you may be familiar with include the insecticide DDT, which was banned in our country many years ago because of its environmental persistence.

Anyhow, the good news is that not only were these pesticides well below the legal limits in our tea, they were not even detected! The detection limits were far below the legal limits, and are about the same as they are in the USA. This tea is truly “pesticide-free” and our growers work very hard to keep it that way. Even though tea from China can be purchased elsewhere, it would be hard to find tea that you know is pesticide-free. So, those of you who buy tea from us are making a very good choice!


Charles R. Powley, Ph.D.
Manager, Bioanalytical Chemistry
Principal Research Scientist
DuPont Haskell Laboratories